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Tips For Fighting High Blood Pressure

Whether you are attempting to reduce your high blood pressure or whether you are trying to ward of acquiring high blood pressure, there are a few things that you can do. However, just like giving up smoking or drinking, it involves lifestyle alterations which are always very hard to put into practice. Safely lowering high blood pressure means exercise, diet, and changing habits.

This article will give tips for safely fighting high blood pressure

BP monitor

Blood PressureThe first thing to do, if you are worried about your blood pressure (BP), is to buy a BP monitor. They are not expensive, and they are very comforting. Of course, you can go to your GP to have your BP checked, yet there are reasons why this approach is not accurate.

Normalize your weight

To do this, you will almost certainly need to lose weight and to do this there are two tactics, both of which you ought to take. The first is exercise and the second is diet. The exercise element does not have to be strenuous – my medical doctor told me to walk thirty minutes each morning and each evening.

Check the sodium diet with your GP

The diet part is the only advice I will give that requires checking with your GP. Sodium or table salt is positively linked to water retention, weight, and high blood pressure. However, giving up salt can get perilous if you have certain complications (especially thyroid) or if you live in a hot country. Therefore, check the sodium diet with your GP.

Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol

If you smoke or, drink alcohol to excess that will raise your BP. Maybe it never did while you were younger, but as your body gets older, it certainly will. Smoking and drinking to excess frequently will elevate your BP. No question about it.

 Avoid weighty foods

Cut down on weighty foods like fatty meat. Not quit, but endeavor to substitute more fresh vegetables and fruit. This can become incorporated into your diet easily enough.

Have time to relax

relaxMood has an effect on your BP, so attempt to remain calm. This may mean taking up relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga, but it could also only mean watching a film, going for a walk or listening to some classical music. Swimming is very relaxing for me and lots of others as well. It is a way of relaxing and fighting the flab at the same time. Furthermore, coupled with some of the other suggestions for safely lowering high blood pressure may help keep you off tablets for the remainder of your life.…