Foods That Helps Prevent Cancer



If you are looking for natural habits to reduce the risk of developing cancer, then adopt healthy food style and keep your body hale and hearty. From limiting foods that contain nitrates to eating more green vegetables that contain vitamins, there are plenty of natural preventive methods that may help protect against cancer. According to cancer specialists and researchers, 60% of deaths can be prevented if people adopt a healthier lifestyle and food habits.

Super foods to keep cancer away


Always thought garlic breath was bad for you. Well, it is the sulfur compounds that cause odor in the mouth, and the same component can act as cancer prevention food for you. It helps to stop cancer-causing substance from forming in your body, increases the speed of DNA repair and kills the cancer cells. Garlic has some components that can provide you protection against cancer, particularly, lungs, skin, and colon.


BroccoliRemember the time, when your mom said, eat your broccoli. Turns like, she was right. Broccoli and other vegetables like kale, cabbage, and cauliflower contain glucosinolates, which releases a protective enzyme when you chew raw vegetable, thus rupturing the cell wall. Broccoli and these leafy vegetables offer one of the most formidable protections against mouth, stomach and esophagus cancer.

Dark Leafy Greens

Yes, Dark leafy vegetables are good for health. They are rich sources of carotenoids, an antioxidant. These leafy greens free radicals from the body before they can stimulate cancer growth.


Grapes are another food that can help reduce the growth of cancer in the body. It contains the chemical Resveratrol, which is a very effective antioxidant that can avoid cell damage before it begins.

Green Tea

Green TeaThe green tea has been shown to check the development of several types of cancer, including liver, colon, prostate, and breast.


Tomatoes are good for improving blood circulation as well as reducing the risk of developing cancer cells in the body. The compound lycopene, (which is simply absorbed from cooked tomatoes) has been revealed to prevent prostate cancer, as well as breast, lung, and stomach cancer.


Out of all the berries, blueberries are the richest in cancer-fighting compounds. They help in preventing the growth of all types of cancer.


MushroomsMushrooms are another super food that can prevent cancer growing in the body. It contains compounds that can help our body fight cancer and make our immune system strong. Always keep in mind, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a physically active lifestyle is important for cancer prevention as well.